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About the Artist

Marjorie Feldman is an artist living and painting in Oregon's Umpqua Valley.
Marjorie at UVArts
Marjorie speaking at UVArts, May 2008

Marjorie Feldman moved to Roseburg, Oregon with her husband Dr. Howard Feldman. They are both very happy to be on the West Coast again. They've planted a vineyard and built a new home amongst the vines.

Marjorie is a 1971 fine art graduate of Brandeis University. She has studied stone sculpture at Columbia University, print making at University of Hartford, weaving at University of Connecticut and Painting at Humboldt State University.

Through the years of many moves, East Coast to West, Fargo, North Dakota to Great Falls, Montana, Marjorie has become facile at adapting to each new community and its landscape. She digs her roots deeply and spreads her branches far. Her strength comes from an inner place of comfort and knowing, firmly based in Jewish life values. This resonates as a consistently recurring theme in her artwork, manifesting in Judaic imagery, filled with Hebrew letters, Jewish Holidays, Rituals and Biblical stories. Core teachings from sacred text and religious and spiritual experience percolate deeply into many of Marjorie's paintings.


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